Chia-Man Hung

DPhil in Engineering Science

Applied Artificial Intelligence Lab (A2I)

Oxford Robotics Institute (ORI), University of Oxford

I have recently finished my PhD at A2I, supervised by Ioannis Havoutis and Ingmar Posner. My research spans the theory and application of visuomotor control and latent space planning. In particular, I designed learning-based algorithms for motion planning and control, enabling robots to become more autonomous and widely used in manipulation tasks. I was also a member of the Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Autonomous Intelligent Machines & Systems (AIMS) and a Clarendon Scholar.

Prior to joining Oxford, I completed Diplôme d'ingénieur (French engineering degrees) at École Polytechnique, and worked on my third-year project on pathfinding in 3D space with Maks Ovsjanikov. I also spent time interning at Google London and Google Zurich.

I care deeply about gender equality in science and technology, and served as a mentoring coordinator at Oxford Women in Engineering, Science, and Technology (OxWEST) and a researcher representative at Oxford Women in Computer Science (OxWoCS).


[01/2023] I successfully defended my PhD thesis!

[01/2023] Our work on Latent Space Planning won Best Poster at UK Manipulation workshop 2023.

[10/2022] This website has been revamped! The old version is no longer maintained.

[05/2022] We presented Reaching Through Latent Space at ICRA 2022 in Philadelphia, PA.

[07/2021] We released the code for Goal-Conditioned End-to-End Visuomotor Control.

[06/2021] We presented Goal-Conditioned End-to-End Visuomotor Control at ICRA 2021.

[06/2021] We presented Introspective Visuomotor Control at ICRA 2021 in Xi'an, China.

[09/2019] I was selected as a Google travel scholarship recipient for GHC in Orlando, FL.

[07/2019] Team ORIon took part in RoboCup 2019 in Sydney, Australia (blog post, ORI news).

[02/2019] We launched the StarCraft Multi-Agent Challenge along with a Python library.

[10/2018] Team ORIon took part in World Robot Summit (WRS) 2018 in Tokyo, Japan (blog post).

[07/2018] I joined the ORI to work with Ioannis Havoutis and Ingmar Posner.

[03/2018] I presented a poster at the Artificial Intelligence @ Oxford conference.

[03/2018] I gave a talk at the Oxbridge Women in CS Conference in Cambridge (AIMS news).

[10/2017] I started my PhD at the University of Oxford as a member of the AIMS CDT.